Biserica Ortodoxa Romana Sf. Ioan Botezatorul

Slujba in fiecare duminica la ora 10.30
Phone: Tel. (623) 582 3150
Address: 3749 West Behrend Drive, Glendale, Arizona 85308

(Friday, February 28, 2020)

St. John The Baptist Orthodox Monastery

We are monks from different nationalities living together in a communal life style under the Omophorion of Archbishop Benjamin of the west in Orthodox Church of America. We strive to bring about the presence of Christ in the world, through prayers, sacrificial love and serving others in need. Monasticism in our belief is not a way of avoiding the world, but it is a way of being set apart for the sake of the world. We pray, because the world and the church are in need of those who pray. God is seeking those who can worship Him in spirit and truth (John 4: 24). He calls on worshipers to serve Him in prayer day and night without ceasing (Isaiah 62: 6-7, 1 Thessalonians 5:17).
Phone: 602-600-5802
Address: 2936 N 81st Ave 2936 N 81st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85033

(Thursday, December 26, 2019)

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

We are part of the worldwide Orthodox Church – the oldest Christian Church in the world. This is not a theological statement, it is an historical one. And in every part of the world, there are Orthodox Christians, Churches and missions: in traditionally Orthodox countries like Romania, Greece, Russia, Serbia, the Middle East, and India but also in Japan, China, the Philippines, throughout Europe including Germany, France, Poland, Finland, across the British Isles, throughout the African continent including Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, and across Central and South America.
Contact: Fr. Thomas Frisby
Address: 10030 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85028

(Tuesday, January 29, 2019)

St. John the Evangelist

St. John the Evangelist Eastern Orthodox Church was established in February of 2005 to bring the Orthodox Christian Faith to Tempe, one of the largest cities in the country without an Orthodox Church and home to one of the largest state universities in the country. Our parish is part of the Orthodox Church in America (a self-governing church with historical roots in Russia). The Mission continues under the care of His Eminence, Archbishop Benjamin, Diocese of the West (OCA). The services at St. John’s are all conducted in English. Our common musical tradition is rooted in Russia; however, we also sing hymns in the Byzantine style. We are blessed to have a number of talented singers in our Mission who work very hard at making our services beautiful, and hope our visitors find worship inspirational.

(Tuesday, January 29, 2019)

Philadelphia Romanian Church of God

Misiunea noastra isi propune raspandirea invataturilor crestine avand ca temei Sfanta Scriptura, intr-o maniera accesibila tuturor ascultatorilor de pretutindeni in vederea mantuirii sufletului si trairii unei vieti crestine autentice in folosul semenilor.

(Monday, June 11, 2007)

St. Parascheva Mission

Contact: Parish Priest: The Rev. Fr. Vasile Parau
Phone: Telephone: Priest Residence - (602) 588-9824
Address: 615 N 20TH ST, PHOENIX AZ, Mailing Address: PO BOX 42331, PHOENIX AZ 85080-2331

(Sunday, July 9, 2006)

Pastor Gabor Pascu

Contact: Pastor Gabor Pascu
Phone: Telefon (602) 848-9042
Address: 4831 W Elm Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85021

(Sunday, July 9, 2006)