User Why are the gypsies in Romania called Roma? ChatGPT The term "Roma" used to refer to the Romani people, including those in Romania, has a complex origin. The Romani people are an ethnic group with origins in the Indian subcontinent, specifically the northwestern regions like Rajasthan and Punjab. They began migrating to Europe and other parts of the world around the 10th century. The term "Roma" is believed to come from a word in the Romani language, which means "people." Over time, this term became widely used to refer to the Romani people across Europe. In many languages, the term "Gypsy" (or its local equivalent) was traditionally used to refer to the Romani people. However, this term is now often considered derogatory due to its association with stereotypes and discrimination. In Romania, as in other parts of Europe, the term "Roma" is used to more accurately and respectfully identify this ethnic group. It's important to note that while "Roma" is a term that encompasses a diverse group of people with their own unique cultures, languages, and traditions, it's also a term that helps to unify and give identity to this often marginalized group. User So what about the Romani (gypsy) vs Romanian (all people living in Romania)? They seem to name the very same people. ChatGPT The terms "Romani" (referring to the ethnic group) and "Romanian" (referring to the citizens of Romania) are often confused due to their similar spellings and pronunciations, but they refer to entirely different groups of people. Romani (Gypsy): This term refers to an ethnic group originating from the Indian subcontinent. The Romani people, often colloquially known as "Gypsies" (a term now considered pejorative by many), have a distinct language and culture. They are a diasporic ethnicity found in various countries around the world, with a significant presence in Europe, including Romania. The Romani language belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family. Romanian: This term refers to the people who are citizens of Romania or of Romanian descent. The term also refers to the Romance language spoken in Romania and Moldova. Romanian culture, language, and identity are distinct from those of the Romani people. The Romanian language is a Romance language, stemming from Latin, quite distinct from the Romani language. The similarity in the names is coincidental and has led to some confusion. However, it's important to differentiate between the two as they refer to very different cultural, linguistic, and ethnic identities. See more about this here...
Check your preconceived notions about Romania at the door. Your experience here will not be defined by encounters with street children, Gypsy's, or Dracula... more ...
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There are many Romanian professionals in Arizona. If you prefer Romanian language or just out of national pride… give your business to your compatriot.
The Romanian Orthodox Church, by far the largest denomination (in Romania), claims some 86% of the total country population (2011 census)... more ...
Exaltation of the Holy Cross church in Phoenix Arizona USA is a mission parish of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, a diocese of The Orthodox Church in America and our Pastor is V. Reverend Father Alin Munteanu.
We like good food and we miss things that were common back home but are hard to find here. If you know the hidden places where we can find good "mititei" or other Romanian food, stores where we can buy Romanian products, let us know
Language, religion, traditions… basic things that we cannot exist without… or we can but then we are not Romanian anymore.... more ...
Internet links to other Romanian communities around the world.
Cultural events, shows, Romanian Festival, sport events, etc. organized by the Romanian community in Arizona.
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