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Romanian is not a Latin Language, rather Latin is a Romanian language

Micheal Ledwith is today the dean of St. Peter College, former chairman of the Conference of the Heads of Irish Universities and former member of the leadership of the European Universities Rectors Conference. As a former advisor to Pope John Paul the 2nd he had access to the vast library of the Vatican that also houses ancient texts which are not available to average historians. This is what he has to say: "... anyway even though Latin is the language of the Catholic Church and obviously the language of the Roman Empire much later and, as I suppose, people don't always know, Romanian is a Latin language I think what is not often remembered is that Romanian, or the ancestry of Romanian, is from where the Latin language came, not vice versa. In other words, Romanian is not a Latin Language, rather Latin is a Romanian language." (Source: YouTube video - History of DACIA part 3 Thracians - Istoria Daciei partea 3 Tracii )
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Check your preconceived notions about Romania at the door. Your experience here will not be defined by encounters with street children, Gypsy's, or Dracula... more...

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Cultural events, shows, Romanian Festival, sport events, etc. organized by the Romanian community in Arizona.
The Romanian Orthodox Church, by far the largest denomination (in Romania), claims some 86% of the total country population (2011 census)...       more...
Exaltation of the Holy Cross church in Phoenix Arizona USA is a mission parish of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, a diocese of The Orthodox Church in America and our Pastor is V. Reverend Father Alin Munteanu.

Internet links to other Romanian communities around the world.

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A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.
Language, religion, traditions… basic things that we cannot exist without… or we can but then we are not Romanian anymore. more...

There are many Romanian professionals in Arizona. If you prefer Romanian language or just out of national pride… give your business to your compatriot

We like good food and we miss things that were common back home but are hard to find here. If you know the hidden places where we can find good "mititei" or other Romanian food, stores where we can buy Romanian products, let us know

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